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About Marcus Almon



A Ramsey County expert

Marcus Almon’s entire legal career has been centered in Ramsey County.

He lives in St. Paul, attended law school in St. Paul, and practices law in St. Paul.

Marcus began his legal career working for the Ramsey County Attorney’s Office while attending law school and served as a law clerk under the tutelage of Judge Kathleen Gearin.

There he learned first-hand the weight that comes with making decisions that affect the lives of others and the need of being fair to all sides.

After two years with Judge Gearin, he was hired as a part-time attorney with the Ramsey County Public Defender’s Office.

He also requested to work in the juvenile division of the public defender’s office so that each day he had an opportunity to interact with young people and give them encouragement regardless of their circumstances.

Marcus with his son, Kingston


Marcus earned his Juris Doctorate from Hamline University School of Law in 2002. He graduated from Berry College in Rome, GA, in 1994, earning a Bachelor of Science in sociology.

13 years of courtroom experience

Being in private practice for over 13 years, Marcus Almon has covered many areas of law including criminal, civil, guardianships, and housing. He has represented clients in countless criminal matters from misdemeanors to murder, adults to juveniles. Marcus is a well-rounded attorney and uniquely prepared in the law to join the bench in Ramsey County.

In 13 years practicing as a public defender in Ramsey County, Marcus has advocated for:

  • Juveniles without parental support
  • Adults suffering from addiction, homelessness, and mental illness
  • Elderly members of our community who are dependent on others

Marcus is truly Ramsey County to the core. See him featured in this Ramsey County jury duty video from 15 years ago.

As a potential judge

Marcus Almon understands the need to make the victims as whole as possible and protect the defendant’s and government’s rights by being fair and impartial.

From his tough background and experience as both a public defender and in his own private practice, he is keenly aware that those who may appear before him as judge have had their own long journey before reaching the point of standing before the court.

Early challenges

The challenges Marcus Almon faced growing up set him apart from other candidates for Ramsey County judge by providing a unique perspective in truly understanding where people are coming from when they step into his courtroom.

A native of Rome, a small town in Georgia, his hometown didn’t provide much optimism for young men of color. According to him, he is “an example of the ones that should not have made it.”

By the time he entered college, his circumstances had gotten very difficult. His father was no longer around, there was drug abuse in the family, his family was evicted from their home, and his sister became a mother at a young age.

He slept nights on the pullout couch in his grandparent’s den. The thin mattress provided little comfort. The iron rod running down the middle of the pullout was a not-so-gentle reminder that he needed to do something with his life. It was a stark contrast to the private college he attended during the day, but it provided the right motivation to succeed. While his classmates slept in on the weekends, he rose early to scrub fish racks to pay tuition.

Marcus gained maturity and determination at a young age through hard work and dedication. He knew that he could be better than his circumstances.

“I didn’t have the luxury to be philosophical or disillusioned,” he said. “Instead, I finished college and eventually went on to law school.”

“I never forgot where I came from and what it took to get me where I am today,” said Almon. “It’s something that actually helps me do my job better as an attorney, and would help me even more as a judge.”

Areas of experience

Criminal defense


Civil law

Housing disputes

Public defense

Adjunct law professor

Community involvement

Marcus Almon’s dedication to the Ramsey County community doesn’t end with service inside the courtroom.

Youth volunteer

Volunteer with the Open Doors Program speaking to youth and with the African-American Registry.


Participant in a bi-weekly mentoring group for Ramsey County probationers providing hope for those who don’t believe the world has a place for them.

Board member

Member of the Board of Directors and acting Secretary for the Neighborhood Justice Center.

Taking time to speak and encourage young people to overcome their circumstances

Why vote for Marcus Almon?

A new, better advocate for Ramsey County

Marcus Almon would bring a fresh perspective to Ramsey County. He has sympathy for people affected by crime, understands the weight of making decisions that affect others’ lives, and believes in being fair to all sides.

Well-rounded experience

In private practice Marcus has represented clients in criminal, civil, guardianships and housing cases. This has given him well-rounded view of the pressures and opportunities in our community.

Advocate for all people

As a public defender he has advocated for everyone from juveniles to the elderly. He has represented people suffering from addiction, homelessness, and mental illness.

Ramsey County expert

From law school to law clerk to public defender to private practice, Marcus Almon has spent his entire career in Ramsey County and knows it well.

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